How do I choose an agent to work for ?

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This is a question asked frequently especially if you are new to the industry, and there are many factors to consider.

One of the biggest decisions if you have the luxury of choice is whether you go for the corporate or independent estate agents.

Whilst the two can at times be run differently, things will vary from company to company but to distinguish the two, independents are smaller so it could be that the business owner is sitting on a desk behind you which no doubt has its pros and cons. But also means that the business owner is reachable and if you have any ideas they can be implemented whereas if you have your own ideas there will potentially fat too much red tape at a large corporate for your ideas to be heard.

Corporate companies can offer fantastic training and generally have a strict structure with plenty of KPIs to hit and a clear chain of command, with clear targets to hit if you’re looking to move up the career ladder.

Independent companies if they are single-branch operation there is only so far you can go in terms of career progression but may be a way to become a partner or designate director in time to come.

No matter which there are good and bad in both and it would be wise to seek out the current stock list of agents in question and ask to see some evidence of the achievements of agents within the company.

However, with all that said, as with any sales-related job this will ultimately come down to you as the employee to put the effort in and make things happen! 

If you are looking for a job in an estate agency be sure to sign up for an account and get notified of new jobs as well as have recruiters find you.

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